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" the time had come..."  the walrus said, to hangup the hiking boots & tripod   |  to refresh & seek

new challenges in the new age of 'techno-revolution' "

' every picture tells a story '

'The Journey' timewarps Lomas milestones prior to 2010 into a change of direction for Naturescape   |   a moment when camera assignments & dreaming from a previous life shone light upon bran nui trails ahead. 

Life as a cinematographer capturing pictures for others, I'd decided, waa only one half of the visual storytelling passion. Prompted by a moment of clarity during the Sydney 2000 Olympics, the next decade was consumed by gathering vision to tell my own stories  |   the decade after would see that vision moulded into finality.

The first serious attempt at non-linear-editing, 'The Journey'  lived up to its title in the fullest sense, grew bigger than ten bears, way beyond apprentice ability.

Irequired instant learning of Avid Adrenaline, post-production workflow, frame rates & formats, encoding to a multitude of formats, alien languages akin to Mars-speak    |   it created more nightmares, cussing & grey hair in its few month's genesis than the previous four decades of pointing lenses had. 

Four decades in four-and-a-half minutes meant highly-compressed editing style, seamless processing & integration of mixed media, multi-layered fx-mixdowns upon thirty+ video lines, and development of untold skillsets widely recognised as a first-timer's no-go zone   |   a self-created Frankenstein.

Its impact though was life-changing   |   it condensed years of self-learning into mere months,  seriously challenged but highly rewarded (in the end), and ultimately became another personal achievement & milestone.

Most pleasing was to finally put my vision to a soundtrack simply made for it   |  Tommy Emmanuel's 'The Journey'.

Brothers Phil & Tommy were favourite Australian guitar legends, and over the years we'd crossed paths many times   |  Tommy in TV productions & concerts, Phil more often, as he'd written & played the soundtracks for two of my docos.

It seemed no coincidence they'd performed at the Olympics' closing ceremony on the stage closest to me, 'Terra Firma'  most likely generating my epiphany   it had been a fond personal journey and any other soundtrack could never feel right.

The Journey' s production forged a refreshing new beginning   |   harmonised passion into newfound meaning & purpose   |   validated ambition to leave the comfort zone and explore new challenges, personal & professional.

It raised confidence that Naturescape vision & mission to promote respect, appreciation & protection for the natural world was a  journey well worth continuing   |   indeed, one that could not be ignored. 



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