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march 2017  |  NATURESCAPE 'LIVE'

" Naturescape's full collection of wilderness, wildlife & Australiana clips available for pay-for-play streaming "

Our signature-playlist, 'Live'  assembles Naturescape's entire collection of eco.clips as a single resource for threefold benefit   |

single play-clips   |   aninstant dose of Vitamin N [ nature ]  to escape the everyday to restore flow & balance

album play   |   where & when time allows sixty-ninety-minute albums provide meditative therapy 

full playlist    |   continuous looped-play of the entire clip collection as interior-design ecoDecor

'Single Play'  clips are streamed for random on-the-go mobile viewing  |   consider them a sorbet for a refreshing change of pace when needed most at work or at play   |  nominal rental rates give 24-hour access for repeat play anywhere anytime. 

'Albums'  month long rental

'Full Playlist'  [ currently running XXX minutes and growing daily ]  subscription

where & when time allows long-play albums can be played for a month at a time and for most flexible & affordable value ...annual subscription (monthly basis) gives full & unlimited access-to all naturescaspe content ...' anywhere, anytime '   

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