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In the early days of ecoDecor development, fellow nature disciple John Thompson suggested reading Richard Louv's 'The Nature Principle'. It was a moment of clarity from John, and a moment of enlightenment for me.

Arising from global research Richard concluded that we had become victims of 'nature deficit disorder'. Technology was responsible for denying us Vitamin N [nature] , essential to lifestyle balance. Worse still, it was now omnipresent in our young ones. The light bulb was suddenly activated.

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'The Nature Principle's "Seven Overlapping Precepts based on the Transformative Powers Of Nature' perfectly put into context all Naturescape hoped to do with its vision.

As Richard Louv clarified, we needed to once again "... not just live with nature but live in it". It sparked the prospect that while technology had led us away from our natural path it could also be harnessed to draw us back to nature.  Conversely, in Naturescape's view, it could bring nature home, to us.  

ecoDecor now had the framework for its vision & mission. How & where it could be applied. The scale of community-wide benefit it could produce. And the lost connections it could restore, naturally, voluntarily, in everyday life.  Anywhere, everywhere, anytime.

There was nowhere where ecoDecor could not be presented. 

'The Nature Principle'  turned out to be the most influential book I've ever read, inspiring me to keep pushing forward with ecoDecor.

Indeed it became my 'ecoDecor bible' ... thus acknowledgement for the influence it has had in ecoDecor's development.

'The Nature Principle'  is an enlightening guide to restoring natural balance in our lives.  Without doubt, a must-read handbook for everyone searching for the 'secret to life'.

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