Surrealism is destructive,

but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.



Art-for-art-sake on the edge of reality !

foto.Arte  is where the Big Fellas & Custom Critters live.  

Photo-imagery digitally-processed into Real & Surreal artworks & multi-piece installations. Hasselblad big prints. Stitched panoramasVision & imagery, moving & still, edited & blended into Hybrid slideshow, picturestory & videoplay. Standard media/sizes ordered online-direct form foto.Arte's non-Exclusive range. 

Non-standard Custom & Specialty artworks reproduced on a variety of new-age mediums can be exclusively commissioned, and One-Off  pieces, randomly released, go to the highest bidder on expiry of a one-month presale period. 

Custom, Specialty & One-Off artworks produced in Exclusive & Limited Editions are bound by set numbers of prints released and come with a hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity declaring their rare & endangered status. 


Real.Arte  images with multi-metre capability for Big Picture, Big Screen, Big  Projection, Wall Display & Fine Art installations.

Standard-spec prints can be ordered online-direct or made-to-order  to custom-match display environs, size & media, and personal whim.

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The Surreal.Arte gallery is much like a zoo, with an assortment of multimedia-critters great & small gathered in the one multicultural ark.

DSLR & HD imagery is digitally-mixed into unlimited jigsaws of collage, montage, and multi-image scapes & portraits.

Some in Warhol-style are colour mutations. Others in Escher-style replicate pattern & texture. And yet others in Grateful Dead-style conjure psychedelic dreams. 

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And now for something completely different !

A pre-release preview of Naturescape ecoDecor, Real & Surreal art is melded into hybrid.Arte ... 

wilderness & wildlife, culture & heritage, comes home.

Slideshow & Picturestory can turn home or foyer into a living gallery. HD-Videoplay, on-screen or projected, transforms lifeless walls into living, moving, breathing cinema. 

Imagination unlimited, options endless!

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