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Modern printing technology has given photographic art a makeover with innovative new media & advanced reproduction techniques promoting creative display opportunities.

Naturescape mission to raise the profile of nature in the community with high-visibility imagery demands images are big, bold, and in-your-face  |   print media is limited to premium fine-art & metallic papers and canvas with a minimum size of one-metre (forty inches}.

Apart from block-mounted acrylic prints, all prints come unframed to facilitate wider framing, mounting & decor-matching options with your local framer.

Photo-wallpaper, an exciting new product, enables big picture printing of panorama, montage/collage & mural wall art   |   laid like wallpaper-of-old, the frameless self-adhesive wallpaper can be peeled off and relocated to transform living, working & business space into an ever-changing



Reproduced on Chromajet Centurion Metallic Pearl media, metallic prints give a unique pearlescent almost luminous finish.

Offering superb image clarity, brilliant colour reproduction, and a cool high-gloss metallic finish with a blue iridescence, metallic is the premium choice for high-key living landscapes.

Prints are supplied 'unframed' to enable framing & mounting options to be discussed with your local framer.


The acrylic block-mounted print is the 'prince of prints'.

A glossy metallic print, face-mounted on 4.5mm polished acrylic, finished off with a Dibond aluminium composite back panel, and mounted on a wooden frame, the 25mmm composite sits in front of the wall to produce a floating effect.

The combination of metal print & acrylic facia seemingly adds a third dimension for high-quality photographs & fotoArte.


By way of density, colour gamut, colour graduation & image sharpness, Epson Ultrachrome inks on Hahnemühle Daguerre Canvas meet the highest industry standards for fine art canvas prints.

With a classical textured finish the canvas is coated with laminate to protect from UV fading and endowing it with a one hundred year lifespan. 

Short-side width is limited to roll-width of 100 cms (40 in) but length can be several metres or more, making it particularly suited to large-scale landscape panoramas   |   montage layouts of canvas prints in varied size & dimension are a popular decor option.

For ease of delivery canvas prints are supplied rolled in protective tubing for timber-frame stretching with your local framer.


PhotoTex is a photo-quality adhesive wallpaper material that can be installed on virtually any flat surface.

Application is simple, its patented adhesive won't shrink, curl or rip, and it easily pulls apart if stuck together during installation   |   the adhesive can be re-positioned, never weakens, and comes away from walls clean without leaving residue.

Phototex can be illuminated with backlight, be wrapped around corners, ceilings and poles, almost anything.

Versatility makes applications near limitless   |   multiple images can be assembled in vertical or horizontal strips, montage & collage for wall art   |   big picture installation, panorama & mural for living & entertainment rooms  |  artwork for commercial & point-of-sale displays.

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In tandem with smart screen vision, image & slideshow and feature prints,

wallpaper provides the perfect scene-setting backdrop for hybrid.decor installations

custom-designed by Naturescape.

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