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" Photography for me is far more than a profession & hobby.

When it's been an intrinsic part of your life for near five decades it becomes more than just a fleeting moment captured by mechanics, or more than just a shoebox of artificial images.

It corrals all thirty-two senses into a thirty-third. It determines how you see the world, becomes part of you, gives depth and meaning to how you see the world, becomes your world.

Photography is 'seeing'  |   teaches you to see different light to others.

I'm often amused when tourists alight off the bus, camera or phone in hand. First step onto terra firma is their monoscopic view of the world before them. Click. No thought for angle, primary subject, composition, light or shade. Look, but no see. That's just the way it is. Simple. T-ttt!

I was lucky to fall into photography at a very early age, stumbling upon the wisest mentor one could wish for. Among countless words of wisdom Philip Lloyd embedded into me, a special has been my most faithful journeyman   |   "... to break the rules first you must know the rules!" 

It's remained at the top of my decision-making thread ever since. Whether it's been television camera, sport, music-video, drama, documentary, natural history, one & all, Philip's short sweet quote remains unchallenged as the champion of advice.

It pays utmost respect to tradition, history, psychology, and the image-making masters Philip suggested I adopt as my tutors,  Eisenstein & Kubrick. It transcends video, film & stills. Applies to direction, visual design, image processing. And not the least of which, art. 

In difference to limiting, it unleashes creativity. The difference between individual artistry and that 'off-the-bus'. It lives, it breathes, has propagated my own gem of wisdom for novice & newcomer    |   "... always look around the corner, or you'll never know what you might miss!"

Photography Is the great divide between looking & seeing   |   those that just look and view no deeper than superficially, and those who 'see' beyond into inner meaning & wholistic understanding.

Philip Lloyd could 'see'   |   see my desire, see where I wanted my career to go, see how I could get there, and guided me in that direction.

Wiruungga Dunggirr could 'see'.   

Under his tutorage during the two-year production of "Wings Of The Night' Wiruungga became my ally, guiding me to see into his dreaming. While it wasn't my right to dare go there, he taught me how he did, how he moved into another dimension blending present, past and future by seeing with his"third eye".

Confirming vision appeared when Wiruungga came to visit one day. i had inherited my father's flock of Gouldian Finches and shared my pleasure with him that I could talk to them. It surprised me that such nervous, wary & highly-strung birds would fly to me and exchange gentle tweets. 

" That's because they see your father in you", he positively acknowledged. Wiruungga say beyond their striking multi-coloured beauty into what they saw, what they were thinking. The connection was made, for forever.

Such connection with nature, country, culture, heritage, in all dimensions of time & space, dreaming & reality, is for me what photography is all about   |   it's about 'seeing', not just with eyes, but with body, mind & soul   |   its about 'me', and its about 'you', personally.

'Journey' attempts to put words to the pictures, to tell their story and give the meaning behind those that hold deeper perspectives than their superficial cover images portray. 

The vision of Philip & Wiruungga are just two instances of experiential learning through photography and, in my case, conjoined immersion in nature.

While it might seem somewhat pretentious to self-proclaim the ability to 'see', I am merely the messenger   |  one with the fortune to be in the right place at the right time   |   one who feels duty to pay homage to those with wisdom   |   and out of the respect & gratitude they deserve, one who feels obligated to pass that insight & knowledge onto others.


Common theme ... photography - finishes with NAT.EARTH "rediscovering photography as a total medium"

An event per decade



1994-96   |   WILD LIFE


2004-05   |   WINGS OF THE NIGHT

2007...   |   LOMAS & NATURESCAPE

2015...   |   GECKO


Photograpohy, wholistically

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