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Do not dwell on the past , do not dream of the future ...

concentrate the mind on the present.




(after the 4-part introduction BLOG starts)

" 2016 was to say the least a year of transformation, of 'rebirth', literally and figuratively. In the space of mere months my dear mother and my wildlife mentor & mate 'Beat' both passed away.

While mum's departure naturally inflicted overwhelming sadness it was tainted with some joy, for after a long time missing him she could finally rejoin dad. For Beat it was a different story. At a time when he should have been feeding off the fruits of a hard-earned life disease took him way too early. After giving so much to the community by way of wildlife education he was given little time to reap much-deserved legacy.

Just months later grief for both was slightly softened by news that princess Shani and her new prince Rohan were coming home from London with a special gift, and on November 4 Bodhi Reva was born.

With our little grandson not only came rejuvenated life but many close & personal omens, too many to be coincidental and ignored.

Naturally, like the birth of the Pheonix, the irony of life so closely following death was instant. 

Bodhi (name meaning) ...

Billy Connolly's recurring Buddhist quote " learn what you should be doing and do it".

Go down the New Horizons path ... " after a XX decade journey, I'm now where I want to be. Clearing flotsam & jetsam to follow the artist's path.

Doing what I want to do. Creating vision. Storytelling with pictures. Documenting adventures that from, not so long ago at all, now seem part of a prematurely-aged world. As evolution determines, an everchanging world, lost forever, one that can never be revisited.

Two events in 2016, prompted duty to recall that 'old world;' even if only for the sake of historical perspective ... Mum's & Beat's passing. In but a fleeting moment all the effort, the joys & anguishes of life, dreams & achievements, lives deserving of memory, are gone in a flash. Just not right. But death breeds life. 

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