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Wiruungga SS

Painting & Stories

Wiruungga Dreamings  |  my country, wollumbin dreaming, bat dreaming

During 2005 production of 'Wings Of The Night', a sixty-minute documentary commissioned by Marco Polo Productions for ZDF Television Germany, I found a blood brother in aboriginal elder Wiruungga Dunggirr from the Gumbaynggir tribe of the NSW mid-north coast.

What began as a fifteen-month journey into the life of the flying fox led me into one of my most treasured experiences, and ultimately, friendships. All my life I'd longed to get close to our indigenous brothers, to learn of their culture, of their affinity with the landscape and its creatures, get to understand their culture & dreaming.  

Wiruungga warmly welcomed me in, became my ally & teacher, something for which I'll forever feel honoured & privileged. To my immense pleasure, and with utmost respect, I discovered that the way Wiruungga saw things wasn't too dissimilar to mine.

Animism & blindsight flowed naturally through Wiruungga's blood & dreaming. Mine was manifest by photography pulling me closer to country, teaching me to see. The flying fox was the ally that brought us together into common space & time.

Wiruungga's paintings tell his dreaming. earth-sea-sky Dreaming tells mine. One and the same. And I'm sure Iva Davies won't mind me borrowing his songline to fluidly tell our stories from this 'Great Southern Land'.



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