january 2018  |  AUSTRALIA DAY

'a 'BIG' day for a 'BIG' country so no time like now to go 'BIG' 

Let's do it with a collection of large format & stitched panorama images of Lomas Country, courtesy mostly of Hasselblad, arguably the finest DSLR ever made. 

All images can be printed on fine-art & metallic, acryllic block-mounted & canvas media to one metre on their smallest side, the subsequent length of some stretching to two or more metres. 

However it's on photo-quality wallpaper media where'BIG'  becomes literal for some. 

Just like the wallpaper of yesteryear, selective images are printed in strips and seamlessly-joined to produce multi-metre, and in some cases, wall-size murals.  Unlike wallpaper of old it can be relocated & rearranged to create an everchanging gallery   [ see 'Media' for full details ]

Due to variable size, framing, mounting & finish options, multi-strip wallpaper prints are a special custom order so personally-designed, costed & fulfilled.

Contact  |  lomas@naturescape.eartrh

Click on images to view in Lightbox for full details of maximum print size ...

and of course the inevitable story behind the picture   :-)

Untitled photo
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