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" During a five-decade journey Lomas & Naturescape have been immersed in

the evolution of multimedia entertainment in Australia " 

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From halcyon days of black & white television, through the ages of film, video & computer production, to today's digital revolution and global networking, the mediascape has undergone massive evolutionary  change. 

Long held captive in television box & picture frame, visual media has been set free into new-age dreaming.

Smart screens are the boxes & frames of new, nurturing new breeds of hybrid media to thrive in home & community space   |  the internet has created new means of media delivery, erased borders & horizons to transform local into global galleries, gifted visual art universal exposure. 

" Naturescape heard a calling to create its own specialty brand of eco.media to meet

new awakening, and the needs and demands of today and tomorrow "

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These new species demand a new kind of multimedia to feed their perpetual quest   |   niche content to satisfy a world wide web of specialty interests   |   digital & atomic media, streamed & hard-play, for screen & wall   |   media diversity for both new and old players   |   multimedia in its most diverse form. 

Like the bower bird, that quirky native that gathers all sorts of trinkets & treasures to decorate its nest, a lifetime of visual collectibles await their time to decorate Naturescape's nest of galleries.

" Specially-produced from Naturescape's labyrinth of raw media

PopUp Galleries offer nature art for the full spectrum of home & community display "

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Australian wilderness & wildlife, culture & heritage is our treasure   |   high-definition vision, photography, fotoArte & story our specialty   |   art & craft empowering new appreciation for nature our vision & mission   |   the beauty & wonder of nature our reason for being.

HD.clips & albums, slideshow & picturestory ex vision.on.demand streaming   |  photography & art, custom-made, limited edition, print.on.demand   |   exclusive hybrid installation by-design   |   new-age decor, entertainment & eco.escape   |   for rental & subscription, purchase & free ! 

Anything multimedia goes !

" Like earth itself, Naturescape is in a perpetual state of renewal & refreshment

constantly producing, forever growing its longtail of content "

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You'll soon discover there's much much more to come, so be sure to subscribe and stay tooned ... for one will never know where trails ahead may take us !

roll up for the magical mystery tour   ...

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A quick squiz will give you an idea of the ecosystem & mechanics for all galleries, pages & content   |   navigation & optimum viewing, catalogue options, how to rent & subscribe, order & purchase, among them. 

It'll help you make the most from your adventure   |   minimise need for explanatory text with every post to maintain focus on subject & content  |   alsoeliminate need for me to repeatedly repeating myself, and you from repeatedly reading the same !

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" Hundreds of hours of high-def vision, thousands of hi-res DSLR images, plus tenfold more captured from that HD-footage, await processing in the back room.

Post-production sees them granted freedom, and Naturescape  constantly updated & refreshed "

Naturescape's PopUp style is designed to avoid content overload   |   one post at-a-time pays respect to the featured subject by enabling time for appreciation of the art & beauty in nature.

Monthly popup release of new content is standard fare, with extra random popups to celebrate special events & assignments,  projects & issues, a regular occurrence.

Ultimately Naturescape's full collection of wilderness, wildlife & Australiana galleries, and a substantial collection of pre-produced content will pop open for exhibit, streaming & purchase.

With what will ultimately become a labrynth of galleries, a few navigational tips make for a more fluid & enjoyable adventure.         

[ Shortcuts ]  at the top of each page take you directly to its corresponding sub-section on that page

[ Video Thumbnails ]  take you directly to the clip or album's landing page

Image Thumbnails ]  open in Lightbox for a larger view, plus full details of print media & size suitability

[ Footer QuickLinks on each page give instant access to product details, subscription links, and ordering processes


" In this age of techno-evolution, there's still need to bridge the new digital age of now & future with the atomic of the past.

We still want to see, feel & be touched by the physical, so Naturescape eco.media bridges both." 


Packaged in similar style to music, Naturescape's video clips & albums are streamed from our vision.on.demand channel naturescape VOD.

'Single Clips'  varying in length from a couple to fifteen minutes long provide mobile escape from the everyday, anywhere, anytime   |   available at minimal week-long rental rates

'Albums'  of ten-or-so clips are designed for therapeutic refreshment & relaxation after a hectic day   |   available for month-long viewing.

'Collections'  compiled into themed & special interest content can provide extended-play   |   like albums, collections too are made for month-long play.Produced-to-order 

'Custom Playlists & Album Compilations'  can be can be supplied on HD-USB for in-house play.

" For maximum value annual subscription  [ billed monthly ] gives access to all Naturescape content offering freedom to change, update & create new playlists at will "


" Variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to personal taste in art   |   even more so when art is enlisted to promote appreciation & preservation of nature.

Diversity of standard to premium products ensures affordability for everyone "


Naturescape takes pride in its creations and the personal nature of art, so photography & fotoArte prints are made-to-order, commercially-printed, and personally-serviced & fulfilled.

Set prices apply to standard one-metre prints on a choice of premium fine-art & metallic papers,  canvas, photo.wallpaper & acrylic block-mounted media (metallic print)   |   apart from the latter acrylic, all  prints come unframed, enabling finishing to personal taste & style with your local framer.     

Some popup collections are specifically-made for certain media   |  'large panoramas'  for example are best suited to canvas &/or photographic wallpaper reproduction   |   and, printed & laid in strips like the wallpaper old, 'photo.wallpaper'  is made for wall-sized murals, montage & collage installations & feature-wall art.

All popups detail individual suitability for media, size, and standard 1-metre price   |   art though is meant to go beyond 'standard'  so feel free to explore your difference.


In addition to our standard 'Gallery Series'  Naturescape also randomly releases special collections in 'Limited Edition'  & 'Premium Edition'  series, limited by release numbers so higher in level of exclusivity.

Limited      |    100 only prints from 1-2 mtrs  (all media inclusive)

Premium    |    50 only panorama & mural prints 2+ mtrs  (all media inclusive)

Exclusive   |    one-off commissioned installations

" All prints come personally-signed, date/number stamped, and with a certificate of authenticity    |   

no second-grade, mass-produced, repro imports here "


As a complete visual design service Naturescape relishes requests for that something different   |   unique one-of art installations  Exclusive   |   exclusively-designed to satisfy special eco.interest & theme.  

HD.vision, slideshow, photography & fotoArte, set to atmospheric soundscapes, can be blended into artistic multimedia installations  for home or foyer, waiting room or boardroom.

Vistas ranging from ocean to rainforest to desert   |   furry, feathered or scaled critters   |   heritage, culture & artworks   |    themes & collections    |    nature art upon wall or screen.

" Limited only by imagination & creativity    |   

a pre-release of ecoDecor [ minus the title ] coming soon "


" PayPal ...



" The Naturescape journey is an adventure-in-progress, an endless mission constantly creating new eco.media to feed its vision & mission.

eco.Messengers deliver the latest "


Our 'Lomas & Naturescape'  facebook page is the leader of the ecoMessenger flock delivering all the latest produce from Naturescape.    

New popups, content releases & updates from Naturescape.earth   |   new clips & albums playing  on naturescape VOD  channel   |    visual trivia from lomas.naturescape  on Instagram   |  plus odds'n'enz of special interest from others bound to join the flock in time to come.

" Subscribe, like, follow & share

to be a part of Naturescape's magical mystery tour of Australian nature " 

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